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Win Free Beyond Meat® for a year in CLUCK-tober!

BY: admin , Contest - September 29, 2013 - 34 Comments


It’s simple: download and print the $1 CLUCK-tober coupon and use it to buy Beyond Meat® from a store near you, then email a copy of the receipt to ethanandteam@beyondmeat.com or tag us on  Twitter or Instagram using #CLUCKtober and you could be eating cluck-free for a year!

Five other winners will receive Beyond Meat® swag bags containing our new “Go Beyond” t-shirts, “What The Cluck” stickers and more! All entrants must be 18 or over, must live within the continental United States and must have submitted their receipts before 10PM on October 31st, 2013. Winner will receive one (1) coupon every week (52 in total) good towards the purchase of any Beyond Meat® 12 oz. chicken-free strips retail pack anywhere they are sold.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get a FREE year of the product that had Food Network‘s Alton Brown saying, “It’s more like meat than anything I’ve ever seen that wasn’t meat,” in a recent Wired article. Read the full contest rules and regulations here.

  • http://www.davidfrisk.com Laura Frisk

    Can’t download the coupon! The screen just goes blank. Any other way I can get this?

  • Cath T-V

    Thanks for Beyond Meat; that was our dinner last night. Mmmm. Thanks for the coupon. BUT it won’t print for me.
    Now what? Can you send it in another format?
    Many thanks,

  • Donna

    Absolutely love Beyond Meat, it is so delicious. And thank you for the $0.75 off coupon in the packaging too.

  • ScottInc

    I didn’t have a problem opening and saving the coupon in Google Chrome – you have to already have a PDF program installed like Adobe Reader.

    My question is about something else. The closest locations to me that carry Beyond Meat only have it in prepared foods and I’d have to drive a long way to get it in retail packs, much to my dismay. Will I still be able to use the coupon if I buy a prepared food that uses Beyond Meat?

    • ScottInc

      So I guess the answer to my question is Yes? Since it was skipped over completely while later questions were answered, I have to go by your answer to Ginny’s comment to make an educated guess.

      • admin

        Hi Scott!

        Sorry we missed your previous comment. Unfortunately, the CLUCK-tober coupon is only good for the 12oz retail packs sold in any Beyond Meat® retailer like Whole Foods Market.

  • Margie Ward

    Just tried Beyond Meat for the first time (Rollin’ Oats in St Petersburg Fl just started carrying it). It was versatile and tastes great! I’ll be recommending to all of my friends.

  • ew

    is the coupon meant to take up an ENTIRE 8.5X11 sheet of paper? That seems a little insane!

    • admin

      Hi EW,

      You may want to try setting your printer to print along the vertical side or you can also try reducing your printer output by 50% as it is not supposed to print the full sheet of paper.


    Hello, Just FYI here are some errors on the site-thought you’d want to know. Thanks for your products and ideas!!
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  • Yvonne K.

    Love your product!
    Thank you for the coupon, but it only prints out in full 8-1/2×11 size…will the stores be able to scan such a large coupon?

    • admin

      Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for loving our chicken-free strips as much as we do! You can try reducing the printer output by 50% or change the print direction as it is not supposed to fill the full-sheet, although that shouldn’t be a problem at your local Whole Foods Market!

      Happy eating and don’t forget to send us the recipe to win A YEAR of Beyond Meat®!

  • Ginny

    I tried your product in a ready made wrap at Whole Foods. WOW, it was great! I loved it! I have been a veggie for 25 years and this is so good! Can’t wait to use my coupon! Thank you!! I hope I win the contest!

    • admin

      We LOVE hearing that you like our chicken-free strips Ginny! Don’t forget to email us the receipt to ethanandteam@beyondmeat.com to be eligible to win a FULL YEAR of Beyond Meat®!

      Happy eating and GOOD CLUCK!

  • Kathryn

    My computer printed the coupon and I plan to use it this weekend @ WholeFoods to buy more Beyond Meat, which is a staple in my house now. Thanx!

    • admin

      Hi Kathryn,

      Glad to hear it worked out and don’t forget to email us your receipt to be entered to win a FULL YEAR of Beyond Meat®!

  • Lily

    Mine printed up big. It should make an impression on someone at the check out line. A buck off a cluck. A vegan cluck. An Autumn delight.

  • Shelley

    My husband and I absolutely love Beyond Meat! We discovered it a while ago at Whole Foods and it is truly amazing. Thank you for such wonderful food for us! We are 25 years vegetarian and counting….

  • Roxanne DeRosa

    Just bought 2 cases and will use the coupon this week. Whole Foods shoppers go to their prepared foods dept. and thy the Buffalo bites made with beyond meat…DELISH!!!!

  • Barbie

    Your chicken-free strips are absolutely amazing! I actually eat them every day and one of my favorites is in a whole wheat tortilla, shredded, with romaine, avocado, tomato and cucumbers, and topped with Follow Your Heart Vegan Caesar. Thank you for the $1-off coupon. Will you continue to put the .75 cents off coupons in your packaging? The recent ones expired September 30th.

  • Mel

    Since I live way up in the mtns and a long way to town, can I purchase online?

  • jane jakins

    thank you

  • Doris

    OH my, I just LOVE BEYOND MEAT! It’s so fresh juicy and tender! The wraps are really great too….My grand daughter begged me for MORE!

  • http://tofu-n-sproutz.blogspot.com/ Marti Miller Hall (Tofu Mom)

    Is there any way to enter the contest without purchasing? I have to drive over three hours to get Beyond Meat, and while I would LOVE to enter, I only buy your product about once every six or eight months.

  • Ronny

    When I clicked on “CELEBRATE CLUCK-TOBER!” on the home page, it said “Celebrate the month of Cluck-tober with a $2 coupon…” but the actual coupon turns out to be only $1. It’s like being tempted with a treat but receiving a trick.

  • Ali

    Hi … Any chance we find your product in Ontario, Canada? Thanks

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  • http://instagram.com/veglife875 Stacey

    Absolutely awesome!! Proud to promote on all my outlets and local bulletin boards! Can’t wait for the new products!!

  • Kathie

    I’m having a hard time getting that page to print with the coupon

  • james e. morgan

    its against the law to require a purchase to enter a sweepstakes….

    • admin

      Hi James,

      You’re totally correct and that is the first thing stated in the full rules and regulations that can be found here!

      If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask away!