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BurgerFi goes Beyond Meat and plans to roll out The Beyond Burger to all of its 101 stores by the end of the summer! <\/p>","content":"



Starting July 3, The Beyond Burger will roll out at eight select BurgerFi locations (listed below), making it the FIRST national burger-chain in the country to offer The Beyond Burger!!


BurgerFi is one of the country's fastest-growing, award-winning gourmet burger joints, which brought on The Beyond Burger as a response to the growing mainstream demand for plant-based protein. Just as the Beyond Burger is sold in grocery stores in the meat aisle, we knew it was important to serve it on menus alongside traditional beef burgers.

As a trendsetter in the better-burger arena, we're excited to be joining forces with another forward-thinking company who is committed to serving all-natural, quality ingredients. Bringing on a partner like BurgerFi to perfectly prepare the Beyond Burger is huge in breaking through to mainstream consumers who may be trying plant-based meat for the first time, and we can't wait for them to taste the future of protein!<\/p>

BurgerFi will offer The Beyond Burger in two ways: a more traditional style burger with onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, or a vegan green style either wrapped in lettuce or served on a vegan bun. <\/p>


Have friends or family in CA, NY, PA or FL who live near a BurgerFi? Help the spread the word and celebrate the sizzle of summer by sharing your droolworthy burger pics with us on social, tagging @BeyondMeat and #BeyondBurger! <\/p>

**Do NOT fret if your BurgerFi location is not included on the list below because by Summer's end, it will expand to all 101 locations nationwide. More to come!<\/p>


Malibu (CA) <\/b>3939 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, CA 90265<\/p>

New York City (NY) <\/b>1571 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028<\/p>

Poughkeepsie (NY) <\/b>60 Raymond Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603<\/p>

Philadelphia (PA) <\/b>44 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107<\/p>

Coral Gables (FL) <\/b>136 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134<\/p>

Coral Springs (FL) <\/b>2700 N University Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065<\/p>

Delray Beach-East (FL) <\/b>6 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483<\/p>

Delray Beach-West (FL) <\/b>7959 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33446


<\/p>","user_id":"10","date":"June 27, 2017","published":"1","created_at":"2017-06-27 15:51:41","updated_at":"2017-06-27 15:55:00","image_align":"center"},{"id":"410","title":"This Summer, The Economist Promotes Environmental Awareness with Free Beyond Burgers in NYC ","urlkey":"this-summer-the-economist-promotes-environmental-awareness-with-free-beyond-burgers-in-nyc-","image":"img1681.jpg","preview":"

The Economist Expands Their #FeedingTheFuture Campaign With The \"Fast Forward Food\" Truck Launch in NYC Featuring The Beyond Burger<\/i><\/p>","content":"

The Economist Expands Their #FeedingTheFuture Campaign With The \"Fast Forward Food\" Truck Launch in NYC Featuring The Beyond Burger<\/i><\/b><\/p><\/span><\/b>

<\/p><\/b>This summer, The Beyond Burger is joining The Economist's <\/i>newest extension of their global #FeedingTheFuture campaign\u2014a \"Fast forward food\" truck in NYC. The Feeding the Future campaign<\/a> aims to educate people as they discover radical alternatives for a sustainable future of food.


How exactly do they do this? <\/i><\/p>

The Economist<\/i> has created a series of experiential activations, which seek to challenge consumers to stop and think about the world around them. Past initiatives, such as \"Grounds for Change<\/a>,\" sought to promote the reduction of food waste by highlighting little known uses for coffee grounds, like creating biodiesel fuel. <\/p>

\"Fast forward food\" is an extension of #FeedingTheFuture, which highlights the alternative protein market and aims to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone while considering the realities of providing protein for a swelling global population.<\/p>

When will this take place? <\/i><\/p>

Through mid-July, Economist<\/i>-branded food trucks will be stationed at key locations around New York City offering free samples of the break-through Beyond Burger for consumers to try. The Beyond Burger, which offers 20g of plant-based protein, no cholesterol and about half the saturated fat of a traditional hamburger, is changing how consumers think about the future of protein. Along with a free tasty burger, the pop-up will offer some 'food for thought' on the issues surrounding livestock agriculture.<\/p>


Beyond Meat is thrilled to team up with The Economist<\/i>, a brand that is also an advocate for change, to share The Beyond Burger as a delicious means to bring their content to life. If you happen to see this food truck on the streets of NYC (pictured below), be sure to grab a free Beyond Burger, snap a pic and join the conversation with #BeyondBurger and #FeedingTheFuture!<\/p>


Some upcoming food truck locations:<\/p>