Eric Lindstrom

Eric Lindstrom
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Eric C Lindstrom is the founder of ThankTank Creative, an advertising, design, and marketing firm specializing in vegan, socially-just, and environmentally-conscious businesses and not-for-profits. Born a cartoonist and raised on Letraset, Lindstrom's multi-award winning designs and advertising campaigns have helped hundreds of companies bring ideas into action.

An ethical vegan, Lindstrom is also the creative force behind the popular blog and is currently working on both a vegan book as well as a vegan animated web series.

"Taking my love for design and the written word and coupling it with my passion for compassion makes going to work each day a pleasure," Lindstrom said. "I'm so fortunate to have made the connections I've made with so many incredible vegan companies."

Lindstrom imagines he is BeyondMeat SuperFan #1 as he was an early supporter of the company's products and often creates delectable meaty recipes, posting across social media.

Lindstrom lives in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State along with his vegan wife, two vegan babies, and his vegan dog, Kimchi.

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