Chopped Citrus Salad with Crispy Beyond Chicken height=

Chopped Citrus Salad with Crispy Beyond Chicken

If you got fresh citrus, put it to work in our crisp and juicy chopped salad recipe.

Prep5 Minutes
Cook5 minutes
By: Beyond Meat


½ lime, juiced
1 ½ Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
¼ red onion, minced
1 teaspoon cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon orange juice
1/8 teaspoon salt

Cherry tomatoes
1 cup Romaine lettuce, chopped
½ avocado, diced
1 orange
¾ cup Beyond Meat Chicken Strips


1. Blend all of the dressing ingredients in a food processor and pulse until smooth.

2. Cut the top and bottom of the orange off and slice from top to bottom to remove the pith and peel
of the orange. Slice into rounds and then cut the rounds into four pieces.

3. Heat a ¼" of canola oil in a skillet. Fry the Beyond Meat Chicken Strips for about a minute and a
half to two minutes per side. Shallow frying the Beyond Chicken will impart a delicious nuttiness
and get them nice and crispy. Discard the excess oil and allow the Beyond Chicken to cool before
cutting into the stips diagonally.

4. Arrange the salad by arranging a large mound of lettuce, and top with avocado, orange slices, and
Crispy Beyond Chicken. Drizzle with salad dressing, serve immediately.

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