​Beyond Burger with Mexican Goddess Chopt Dressing height=

​Beyond Burger with Mexican Goddess Chopt Dressing

Prep Time5
Cook Time10 Mins
Created By: Chopt




Products included in this recipe

The Beyond Burger®

8 Beyond Meat Burger Patties

8 Tablespoons pickled red onion
8 palm sized pieces bibb lettuce
2 avocados sliced and divided into quarters
1 12oz bottle CHOPT Mexican Goddess dressing

8 Burger Buns


Cook Beyond Burger per package directions.
If desired, toast burger buns quickly over a hot grill.
While the burgers are still hot, begin assembly by smearing a liberal amount of Mexican Goddess onto the top and bottom of each bun.
Place burgers onto the bottom half of each bun and top each with: 1 piece of bibb lettuce, ¼ sliced avocado, and 1 tablespoon of pickled red onion.
Serve immediately

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