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Don’t Miss Beyond Meat Featured on The Today Show!

BY: admin , Beyond Meat , Press - April 25, 2014 - 58 Comments

This morning Beyond Meat joins the Today Show crew today for a two-part segment on Beyond Meat!

The first part had Ethan taking Craig Melvin on a tour of the Beyond Meat facility in Colombia, Missouri to give them a look where the Bill Gates endorsed “Future of Food” is being made each day and being shipped out nationwide to stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, HEB, Publix and thousands of other stores including soon to be Safeway, Target and more!

The next part took the tour back to the NYC studio with the whole Today Show crew including Matt Lauer and Al Roker as they sit down to taste our Beyond Beef Chili and Sesame Beyond Chicken Salad live as it goes up against a dish created from animal proteins.

The segment is airing at 8am local time nationwide so if you are just waking up, make sure to tune in bright and early to catch Beyond Meat’s Today Show debut and see how we’re changing how America meats, one bite at a time!

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  • http://improsgroup.com Robert Jackson Jr.

    Great segment on The Today Show! When will you expand into other stores, particularly WalMart?

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      Hoping so soon but by the end of 2014 we anticipate being in close to if not over 4000 stores nationwide!

  • Kimberly Hager

    Sounds GREAT…! I am so happy to see you are all over the San Diego area =)

  • Issis

    Absolutely wonderful news that the two taste-tested products fooled the Today Hosts … perhaps that will convince their carnivore viewers to finally try non-meat alternatives. As a vegetarian I have been pushing Morning Star and other well-made, meatless products, and welcome these new products. Although the healthier aspects will win over many, – including that they are non-GMO and gluten free, I am happiest that they may finally dampen the ever growing demand for chicken and beef, both of which have horrible consequences for the animals and the planet.

    • Neither_do_I

      I bet it will convince some audience at least.

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  • ramon villarreal

    I drive 30 miles to HEB to get some! Wish my local HEB carried it!

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      All H-E-B stores SHOULD be carrying our product in their frozen section. Let us know which one you shop at and we’ll be glad to follow-up!

      • ramon villarreal

        Could not find it in Harlingen,TX but Brownsville,TX had them!

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  • Auntie Amye

    Thank you in advance for your offer today! Have a nice evening, Amye Powell

  • Joann S


  • cheryl

    I Clicked “Claim the free shirt & coupon” offer, it keeps taking me to the form (email,name,zip code,subscription).

    • Red Eyed

      me2 :( email confirmed

      • Kay

        me three :(

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      HI Cheryl, the free tee promotion you’re referring to reached it’s cap on Friday evening.

      There’s still plenty of time to get a free trial coupon + free shipping on any purchase from our SWAG shop using “NOSHIP2014″!

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  • http://www.smilesandstuff.com/ Melissa Canchola

    I don’t trust this. They don’t tell you about their chemical process.

    • Nora

      Are you referencing Beyond Meat or actual meat? My hope is actual meat.

    • ChefJD

      Their process is not a chemical one. They use a combination of heat, pressure and time to align the plant based amino acids to achieve the texture.

    • Kevan

      I would much rather eat these products than beef that has been pump up with steroids and antibiotics. Also animals raised for consumption should be treated humanly and are not Plus forested land is always being cleared to make pasture land to feed cattle – not good for the environment and global warming!

      • Christina Ku

        It’s so life-affirming to hear intelligent, compassionate and articulate people like you express the exactly what is going on…what you said is often hidden from the general public. Thank you!

    • john

      Yeh but does the meat industry tell you about all the pesticides and antibiotics that are going in your meat. There is a reason they are fighting to have no video taping at there facilities. And you dont have to live with the fact that you are contributing to animal abuse and hurting the planet.

      • Christina Ku

        Bravo!! Right ON!!

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  • Jarika Lewis

    My claim free tshirt code didn’t work :(

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      Sorry Jarika, but the free tee promotion reached it’s cap on Friday evening.

      We are however still offering a free trial coupon + free shipping on any purchase from our SWAG shop using “NOSHIP2014″!

      • Jarika Lewis

        Yes, but I got the email that said I was getting a free shirt. I am confused, but oh well I guess.

      • Jarika Lewis

        I got my confirmation email on Friday, April 25, 2014 9:04 PM. Were the shirts gone by then? My email is jarikalewis@yahoo.com Thank you!

        • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

          Hi Jarika,

          We’ve responded to this question via to your email address just now. Let us know if you have any questions!

          • Guest

            I haven’t gotten an email yet, but I will keep checking! Will let you know if I do not get it thanks!

  • Betty Helland

    i don’t eat much meat. lots of fruits veggies peanut butter ect.

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  • Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years. It’s not only beneficial to me and the environment, but much better for farm animals too!!

  • Tonya

    my code for a free t shirt didn’t work either it just gave me free shipping but still charges for the shirt

  • Genevieve Joubert

    I don’t see where we order the free pack with the coupon code…

  • Johanna

    Loved the segment but, can’t stand when people call healthy food products “fake” as in they rather to eat non-healthy foods as long is it is “real”, … not good. Is not about forcing people to stop eating what they refuse to realize is unhealthy until is late but isn’t about discouraging them from eating healthy by openly the use of the word (“fake”) when it comes to the best food products.

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  • Brandon Diluca

    I can’t wait to be able to walk into a grocery store and buy your products on a regular basis. How soon before we’ll see you in the Toronto market?

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      Hoping soon Brandon! We’re currently working on Canadian formulaic and packaging regulations before being allowed to be sold for retail. Stay tuned though!

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  • niraha

    I got the code, ordered a shirt, and got an order confirmation email a month ago. Just wondering when I would get the shirt? Like, what is the shipping time-frame?

  • Sue Madrous

    Does any one know if this is gluten free?

    • admin

      Hi Sue! You’ll be happy to know that all of our products including the Beast Burger (coming soon) are all certified Gluten Free!

    • http://www.beyondmeat.com/ Beyond Meat

      100% Gluten free certified!