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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I buy Beyond Meat? Please type in your zip code into our Stores Locator or fill out our Store Request Form to let us know where you want Beyond Meat® to be sold and we’ll put it on our preferred distributor list!.

2. Is Beyond Meat non-GMO? Yes, all of our ingredients, including our soy protein and canola oil, are non-GMO and we will soon have certification from the non-GMO Project.

3. Is Beyond Meat Kosher? Yes, as of August 13, 2013 we are certified Kosher by Star-K. However, our packaging might not reflect that while older inventory remains in circulation.

4. Is Beyond Meat gluten-free? Yes, and we are now certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization, a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group.

5. Is Beyond Meat vegan? Yes, Beyond Meat is made from completely vegan ingredients and uses no animal products or ingredients processed with animal byproducts.

6. Is Beyond Meat organic? No, but we are completely non-GMO.

7. I live far from a store selling Beyond Meat. Can I buy Beyond Meat online? Yes, you can buy Beyond Meat through either VeganEssentials.com or VeganStore.com.

8. Is Beyond Meat publicly traded on the stock market? How can I invest? Beyond Meat is privately held, not on any stock market and we are not currently seeking outside investors.

9. Is Beyond Meat available in Canada or Internationally? We currently only sell in the hotbar/deli of the four Whole Foods in Vancouver, BC. Otherwise, international fans can buy Beyond Meat through VeganEssentials.com.

10. Is Beyond Meat interested in export opportunities? We’re currently focused on our US launch and not looking for export opportunities outside of the US.

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