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Take Action: Get Your School District to Do Meatless Mondays

Here are some tips on how to get your local schools to adopt some healthy & delicious plant-based options on their menu too!

Health & Fitness , Meat Reducer - December 4, 2014

Vegan Tips: Reading Labels like a Pro

Plant-based eaters are label reading experts. They can spot an animal-based ingredient from 300 yards. Here are some tips to help you spot any secret animal ingredients too!

Vegan - December 4, 2014

6 Vegan Egg Alternatives for Baking

We’ve got good news for all of our plant-based bakers out there! There are other great egg substitutions for all of your baking needs!

Vegan - December 4, 2014

Beyond Meat On Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV stopped by Beyond Meat HQ recently for a little one-on-one time with Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat to talk about our mission to make a better meat, from plants.

Beyond Meat , Press - November 19, 2014

8 Delicious Beyond Chicken Salads

Because salads are not just for the summer! Fill up on any one of these 8 healthy, but delicious Beyond Chicken salads and be prepared to fall in love!

Beyond Meat , Health & Fitness , Recipes , Uncategorized , Vegan , vegetarian - November 18, 2014

How to Deal with Meat Cravings When Going Veg

If you take the time to educate yourself, you’ll find that you can overcome the cravings – and that they will probably soon disappear altogether.

Inspiration , Meat Reducer , Vegan , vegetarian - November 13, 2014

How to Explain Veganism to Your Grandma (or anyone)

You’ve explained what being vegan is to your friends and co-workers, but how do you explain it to your grandma?

Vegan - November 13, 2014

Accidentally-Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes

Accidental Vegan dishes for Thanksgiving. Because your meal shouldn’t consist of ONLY mashed potatoes and rolls.

Vegan - November 4, 2014

How to Host a Vegan Potluck

Hosting a vegan potluck gives you the chance to connect with other vegans around good food and to learn some good cooking tricks in the process, and to show your meat-eating friends what your diet really consists of.

Inspiration - November 4, 2014

3 Reasons A Plant-Based Diet Is The Future

The current way of eating is unsustainable for our planet and ourselves. It is time for our food to evolve.

Climate Change , Health & Fitness , Resource Conservation - October 27, 2014